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Redirect Non-www to www and vice versa | Non www to www | www to Non-www

You have a website say, you want it only to be accessed by, instead of both & or you may want your domain to be only accessed by instead of both &
What is www and why should I redirect to my preferred domain?  Well here's the answer: Www is actually a subdomain of your domain. www actually refers to [world wide web] hmm! well than why redirect? The best answer is both the domains might have same content i.e. and, and its not very good to the search engine bots.
What should I choose? www or non-www domain? This is completly depended upon you and the name of your domain. Sometimes domains are quite good without www for example
The domain with or without www does'nt effects search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Redirect your website from non-www to www  i.e. to

Configure your nginx server in t…
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Free Cloud Server | Get A Free Cloud Server | Amazon AWS

Hello Developer | Reader | Creator | Explorer!

I was going through cloud servers on Internet, as it becomes very difficult to manage everything on shared hosting.

Amazon AWS is one of the providers of cloud services, which has a scheme of pay as you use. Amazon AWS includes a lot many web servirces like, Api Gateway, SNS(Mobile Messaging), S3(Strorage), etc.
AWS has almost all those reuirements which a developer would require.

And also the best part is Amazon AWS gives 12 months free access to its web services.

In this post we will discuss about creating an Account on Amazon AWS and setting up with cloud on EC2 (a service of amazon aws which provides cloud computing).

Amazon EC2 cloud computing, that includes a public ip and a free domain(domain would be somthing like

Follow these steps to create Amazon Account:-

Create a amazon AWS account go here on top left click on sign in to console. After doing that you may be asked for …

Laravel 5.2 Multi Authentication

Today I wasted almost 3 hours to search on internet about Multi Authentication in Laravel 5.2. I have gone though laracast's post and other few forums too, I was still not able to find any solution for it. Their were packages such as sboo/multiauth, ollieread/multiauth, kbweb/multiauth etc. yet was not satisfied with their solutions, I tried to use them a lot but very soon I got stuck with bugs.

Finally after a long research I finally found out a great solution for it, i found it on a frequent website I visit for my solution of any coding problems, and the solution was really shocking for me that it required no package installation or any other kinda stuff. It's already included with Laravel 5.2.

Thanks to Hasmukh Tank a stack overflow user, he made a beautiful step by step procedure to do that.
Here are those procedures:
Refer Url : How to use multi Auth in laravel 5.2

1.First we create two models 1) user,2)admin 2.Update the config/auth.php file:return['defaults'=…

Getting Started - Introduction to node.js

Every programmer must be aware of node.js servers. Node.js is a modern server framework that lets developer to build applications using Javascript on server side under V8 Javascript runtime environment, hmm cool enough! Well we got lot stuff forward.

Things to know about node:
1. Real time Web Applications
2. Non Blocking Code
3. Event Based Programming
4. Event Loop

Google Chrome uses the v8 javascript runtime in client side. so then node.js wraps this runtime and provides additional functionalities that helps you to develop network applications.

"Node.js  is writtent in c"

As node.js is very fast you can do stuffs like file upload server, websocket server (realtime content to websites). Now why node.js is fast to know that, well you need to read further for that.

What's Non Blocking Code & Blocking Code?
Let's take an example of file upload server, normally how your file upload works. Let's write a pseudocode for that.

- Read file from client and receive it t…

How to find if your friend is online and has gone offline to you?

I am here with my brand new trick for all my friends, who always think of their GF/BF has gone offline to him/her and avoiding him/her. So I am here to teach you how to find and figure this out.

Now 1st read the requirements before continuing:
You will require Android 2.1 or above to continue with this.
Now if you are in a problem which is in my case also that you dont have any gadget with android OS. I have installed Bluestacks Android App Player for PC. This software let's you run android apps on your Laptop/PC.
Download Bluestacks Click here.
Note: Bluestacks require atleast 1GB Graphics Card to run this software, 1GB Ram and minimum 3GB hard drive space.

Install Facebook Messenger on your gadget or Bluestacks.
Now select your friend who has gone offline to you, or you think he/she gone offline to you, if he/she is online you will see active now written below the name. See on picture
Click on image to zoom.

If he/she was online few hours/minutes ago you will see something like t…

Universal Key Generator

Follow the Steps Given Below:Scroll Down To see the download link!


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BUILD 7600 Windows is Not Genuine, Windows 7 Fix-Activator

!!!!SICK OF THIS ERROR!!!! Completely Remove this error from your windows. Download this tool which fixes this problem. Its as simple:
Download this tool.Extract it from compressed rar file.Disconnect ur Internet and Close all your windows. (Don't forget to save your documents because this tool automatically restarts your PC.)Now run RemoveWAT tool which you just extracted.Sit back wait for system Restart and Yeah! your Windows works fine and perfect. You cracked your copy of Windows 7.